myMessage is bound for continuous and evolving applications. Secured and encrypted data flows with privacy preserving will be the fundamental factor in the era of Web3.0 world.
myMessage will not be only a platform of light-grade tooling for sending, searching and encrypting messages, but more importantly a Data Hub for Web3 Applications.
Q1 2022
  • Dapp launch on Zilliqa Testnet
  • Dapp launch on Zilliqa Mainnet
  • User Acquisition via some marketing campaigns
  • First testing on in-house Reddit-like thread protocol
Q2 2022
  • Integrations with BSC
  • Integration with Avalance
  • Full launch of in-house Reddit-like thread protocol
Q3 2022
  • Mobile App live on GooglePlay
  • Integration with Polygon
  • Marketing and promotion focus on Reddit-like protocol and user acquisition
Q4 2022
  • Continue to push for more user acquisition
  • Product improvement and enhancements
  • DAO voting for DAO committee memberships
  • Mobile APP support on Apple Appstore