Social Farming - "Your Message, your money."

myMessage is building a messaging dApp (already running since Feb 2021 on Zilliqa Testnet), thread-reply bulletin board and Data Portal for future Web3 Applications.
The reddit-like thread-reply bulletin board will be a bridge where users will be able to communicate, encrypt threads and data in a decentralized way, by doing so, users will be able to get access to data resources which are immutable, verifiable and secure. More importantly, users will be able to enjoy the rights to their data and profits which can produced through socializing.
myMessage outperforms traditional social media in 4 aspects: 1) the raw data cannot be leaked. 2)Data users’ requests are encrypted and can’t be revealed by anyone other than data users themselves, even by data providers. 3) The results cannot be revealed by anyone other than the corresponding data users. And 4) the results are ensured to be produced by corresponding data, request parameters, and algorithms. The insurance is further verified by myMessage smart contracts.

Features of myMessage Thread-reply Bulletin Board

  • Privacy Preserving
All users can access to the data on myMessage without any threat or risk of being exposed or traced, by virtue of myMessage acting as the middleware to bridge the two terminals, users will be able to enjoy data security protection and privacy preserving during the whole process.
  • Social Farming
Users of myMessage's reddit-like thread-reply bulletin board will be able to enjoy farming rewards simply by socializing. The function will be enabled after myThread is live on mainnet. We are giving back the rights and profits of users' data back to users!
  • High Accessibility
All users can connect their Web3 wallets to access myMessage Thread-reply bulletin board. Users will need to pay MESA tokens in order to start threads. Also, users can tip other users when they see good replies, comments etc.
User Incentivizing
Users can pay MESA tokens to start private threads and other users can post replies, comments and likes. If the users who start the threads like the good contents that other users make, then he/she can tip them by using MESA tokens.

Developer tools

myMessage provides SDKs for developers to access the data marketplace from their applications. With these SDKs, myMessage can be seen as a component which automatically sells the collected data or automatically gets insights. myMessage provides a set of privacy-preserving, data governance APIs designed to give your users better control over how their data is used without sacrificing functionality. Using the suite of tools will enable you to securely store sensitive data, define and enforce usage policies over data, and share tamper-proof logs of access history with your users. Developers can also integrate myMessage into their existing user flows, or build their own data management interface on top of myMessage SDK. From invasive ad targeting to massive data breaches, users are more concerned than ever with keeping their data private and secure. myMessage allows users to manage their data, increasing their trust and decreasing your liability and risk.
Developer tools that myMessage provides include:
  • Python-based technical support and framework for machine learning applications, including PyTorch or TensorFlow based programs, enabling developers to plant their algorithms into myMessage.
  • Developer portal: where developers can register their applications, client credentials, configure user permissions, and monitor their integration.
  • REST API: allows you to work directly with all of our data management primitives from any codebase.
  • TypeScript Client: wraps our REST API and makes it easy to integrate with Parcel from TypeScript and JavaScript applications.


myMessage also provides a programming framework for algorithm developers. A dataset implies different insights with different algorithms. myMessage is open to domain experts who may create valuable algorithms. These algorithms are available to all datasets on myMessage. Data users can use them to extract insights from data sets and algorithm developers get rewarded.
On myMessage, an algorithm can be SQL style, based on PyTorch or TensorFlow or created from scratch.